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    Should The NFL Cancel The Pro Bowl Going Forward?

    NFL Pro Bowl Upset

    Many believe and find the Pro Bowl quite embarrassing for the NFL. Several former NFL stars have spoken out against the Pro Bowl in the past couple of seasons. The competitive nature seems to die out around this time of the year. However, it seems young fans love this time of year the most. The casual fan is very different from the football lovers!

    The casual fan may not understand the nuances of the game, yet they may still find something about the game entertaining. They may find joy in the team colors, big plays, highlights, and celebrations. There are numbers of reasons why they may find enjoyment in the game of football; however, the unique way a football lover watches the game is extremely different. Football fans watch the game for the nuances and coaches’ decisions. They psychoanalyze the game as it’s happening and put themselves in similar situations and think about what would they have done in that particular moment.

    One must take this into account when people complain about the product being displayed as the Pro Bowl. Football lovers are looking for the actual competition and some form of a respectable game. Instead, it seems like everyone plays two-hand touch and allows the unlikely to happen. While many understand these athletes aren’t trying to get hurt to affect their offseason for the upcoming year, it still takes away from the game of football for the emphatic football fans.

    NFL’s on the brink of civil war

    There seems to be a civil war brewing between fans and players because of the incapability to see eye to eye. If the fans begin to stop watching the Pro Bowl, the game will lose viewership, as a result, they will lose sponsorship money. If the NFL begins to lose the sponsorship money they may begin considering cutting the Pro Bowl entirely. So the fans have more power than they believe or know, however, this season alone grossed the most views in a season in NFL history, per sources .

    “The 2021 NFL regular season averaged 17.1 million viewers (TV and Digital) – the highest regular-season average since 2015 and up more than 10% from 2020.”



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