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    Should The New York Giants Give Saquon Barkley An Extension?

    Unpopular opinion, The New York Giants should not extend the young talented star running back Saquon Barkley. The young running back has suffered a list of injuries and has struggled to remain on the field for the duration of any season outside his rookie year. Barkley has proven he can be an asset or productive on any team; however, the best ability is availability.

    “What would go through your guys’ minds if you just rehabbed for 10 or 11 months to get back on the field and then you got hurt by rolling your ankle by stepping on someone else’s foot?” Barkley said several days after the game. “You’re going to be frustrated. I’m exhausted. You’re human. I’m human.”

    Barkley would also cripple the New York Giants salary cap. The Giants have bright spots on their team; however, they also have gaping wholes and needs for their team. The recent firing of offensive coordinator, Jason Garret, only adds to a list of issues and wholes they are looking to fill. Many believe that Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is also on the hot seat, which will only add problems going forward.

    Many of the Giant’s inconsistencies stem from the offensive line. Without an offensive line, the Giants will remain stagnant offensively. While Giants nation believes they are a quarterback away and a few complementary pieces from being a threat to their division and the league. This cannot be further from the truth, their offensive line ranks bottom eighth of the entire NFL and continues to show their struggles.

    New York Giants Biggest Takeaways for the 2021 Season

    The biggest takeaway from this team is the respectable defense they bring out on a weekly basis. Realistically, the Giants’ best bet is to attempt to trade Barkley and receive major pieces or draft capital. Then, either trade draft picks away for big-time names and contributors or test the draft and hope some of the picks pan out to be productive.


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