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    Shaunie O’Neal Talks Basketball Wives Will Address Colorism

    Basketball Wives Returns to VH1

    VH1’s controversial hit Basketball Wives is back with its ninth season. After the attention-grabbing colorism debacle during season 8, entrepreneur and show producer Shaunie O’Neal opens up about how she and the cast plan to address colorism this season. 

    While promoting the Feb. 9 premiere, O’Neal sat down to talk to Entertainment Tonight about how much she and her castmates have matured. Furthermore, she details their plan to keep growing this new season.

    “Of course there are things that we would change or if we knew better we would do better than,” she admits. “But I think it’s been a huge growing journey for us that we all would do again, just do better this time.”

    Good Role Models or Nah?

    When asked about claims that the Basketball Wives series paints a poor picture of Black women, O’Neal immediately nipped that criticism in the bud.  She argued, “You pick and choose who you look up to and who you decide to follow and who you take pointers from in life,” noting that for people who don’t relate to the show then, “those wouldn’t be the women you choose to look up to.”

    Though there is some drama, there are many positive things the ladies do in the show centered around their families and the community.

    Shaunie O’Neal Answers Questions About Cast

    Shaunie responds directly to the question about whether or not Evelyn and OG would make amends. O’Neal has a positive attitude about that possibility.  

    “I would say that that is OG’s experience and that she needs to speak for that,” she says of the colorism debate that the show sparked. “I can’t speak for something that I didn’t experience. So out of respect for her, I will allow her to handle that particular subject and deal with that being that it was her experience.”

    “This season, give these ladies another a chance,” she asks. “Give everybody, including me, if whoever judges, another chance to see that growth is happening and things are changing. You’ll see some difference this season.”

    Tune in to VH1 to see what the Basketball Wives get into this season. 


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