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    Sharon Osbourne Leaves The Talk after confrontation.

    Sharon Osbourne Leaves the Talk

    Sharon Osbourne Leaves the Talk
    Sharon Osbourne | Twitter

    Why was Sharon Obsourne being called out?

    Sharon Osbourne leaves the Talk. So what transpired that led to her leaving? Sharon shared a tweet saying, in support of Piers Morgan after he made disparaging comments about Meghan Markle. Piers said, the couple’s sit down and Megan Markle’s inview was a “undiluted whine-a-thon” Piers Morgan also shared that he didn’t like how The Talk’s episode was handled, “She was bullied into apologising for defending me against a disgusting slur that I was a racist. 

    Sheryl Underwood clarified when asked by Sharon Osbourne why Piers Morgan’s reaction was racist; “It is not exact racism. It’s the implication and reaction to it. To not want to  address that because she is a black woman and to try and dismiss it and make it seem like less than what it is.”

    What did Sharon Osbourne say on The Talk?

    On March 10, The Talk’s episode Sharon Osbourne’s co-host, particularly Sheryl Underwood confronted the co-star regarding her support of Piers Morgan. It didn’t start as a confrontation but it appeared it was perceived that way from Sharon Osbourne. As a result, Sharon Osbourne leaves the Talk.

    Sheryl Underwood starts out, “I’ve known you for years since I’ve been here and I never seen anything come out of you other than if I don’t know then I’m willing to learn. If it comes off a certain way I stand corrected,” She continued, What would you say to people who may feel that while you are standing by your friend, it appears that you give validation or safe haven to something that he has uttered that is racist even if you don’t agree. Am I saying this right?”

    Sharon Osbourne responded at first with unawareness of what Piers did that was wrong. Then she began to get very defensive and argumentative with Sheryl. “Me, at 68 years of age, to have to turn around and say, ‘I ain’t racist.’ What’s it got to do with me? How can I be racist to anybody or anything in my life.” She later taunted the co-star, “Don’t try to cry ‘cause if anyone should start crying is me.”

    Sheryl Underwood tries to de-escalate the situation further, “But now, I am talking to someone that I believe is a friend and I don’t want anyone here to watch this and thinking we are attacking you for being racist. For that, if I articulated–”

    Sharon Osbourne  interupts her, “I think it’s too late. I think that seed’s already sewn.”

    Sheryl Underwood further tries to explain that she is not trying to attack her but to get her view on what other people are seeing but Sharon is far too gone in defensive mode to be receptive. “For me, I thought I was asking a question about the perception of other people. That’s why I preferenced it [the way I did].”

    Sharon Osbourne leaves the Talk;

    The aftermath

    The aftermath
    Sheryl Underwood | Twitter

    Sheryl Underwood claims she has not spoken to her co-star since the aired incident where Sharon Osbourne leaves the talk. Instead, she has released 3 episodic podcasts entitled “Sharon Walks Away.” In the podcasts, she shares her feelings of everything that went down on the show. “In my gut, I Thought this was going to go left and so I wanted to put this in proper order, be very calm, but there were a few people that criticized me on that.” She said despite their criticisms, “it’s not about the reaction of the person, it’s about me and who I’m trying to evolve and mature to be.” Sheryl handled herself maturely, keeping her calm, and choosing her words carefully.  Even ,despite, disgusting remarks from her co-host, Sheryl Underwood maintained control and maturity.

    Sharon Osbourne claims to have responded with apology texts. Sharon Osbourne leaves the Talk, as co–host, on March 26. Sharon Osbourne stated she has apologized but hasn’t heard back. The series goes on hiatus to allow for an investigation. The Talk will return April 12. 


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