Shagabond x Noah Create Lush & Majestic Tales On ‘Everything, All At Once’

Shagabond x Noah Create Lush And Majestic Tales

Out today through Majestic Casual, Shagabond and Noah’s collaborative EP, Everything, All At Once, is a 6-track observation on the nature of love.

The EP takes you through the whole life cycle of a relationship. It’s called ‘everything, all at once,’ because each song touches on a different aspect that adds to an overall feeling,” Noah explained.

“Arouse,” the first single released from the project, for instance, “pretty much does what it says on the tin. With a gentle cascading beat that simmers with summery lust and passion, the track perfectly depicts the early stages of a new love and all the excitement that comes with it.” (Line Of Best Fit).

Shagabond x Noah Create Lush And Majestic Tales-1

Both originally from Toronto, Shagabond and Noah first met when Noah’s dad and Shagabond’s aunt started dating. Now soon to be cousins by marriage, the two share a kinetic bond when it comes to creating music together.

Shagabond x Noah Create Lush And Majestic Tales

“Making this album was an amazing experience for both of us,” Shagabond said. “Working with Noah wasn’t working at all, we would just hang out and eventually the songs would just come out of nowhere.” “We already spend so much time together not making music, so the chemistry is there,” Noah added. “I think both of our strengths and instincts compliment each other nicely.”

Written and produced entirely by Shagabond and Noah, Everything, All At Once is their first collaborative project together.

Stream Everything, All At Once above and in other music news, French Artist Petit Biscuit Tackles Hurt & Memory In New “Suffer” Visual



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