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    Serena Williams Fined $17,000 After US Open Loss

    This past week Serena Williams lost her matchup to Naomi Osaka at the US Open Tournament. She also incurred a fine of $17,ooo USD for three-match violations which happened during the sporting bout.

    Serena Williams slammed her racket on the court floor, incurred a coaching warning alongside voicing her frustrations to the officials. This ultimately didn’t fair well for the 23-time Grand Slam champion who lost to Naomi Osaka 6-2, 6-4. The win didn’t sit well with the crowd as they booed Naomi Osaka in what most people called a “controversial win” over Serena Williams.

    Naomi Osaka became the first Japanese Grand Slam singles champion and was visibly upset at how the match played out. Check out the highlights of the bout above and share your thoughts in our comments below.

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