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    Selena Gomez & Drake Team Up On “Spiral” Film

    Selena Gomez may have almost quit the music business for good. Fortunately, the singer found her “sound” after the release of her Spanish EP “Revelacion.” Even moreso, the singer and actress remains on top of her acting game. Furthermore, sources revealed that Selena Gomez and Drake will team up to star in their new thriller-film “Spiral.” It seems that the “Wolves” star has a few more years left in showbiz after all. We can’t wait to see Selena Gomez and Drake’s “Spiral” movie.

                Selena Gomez And Drake’s “Spiral” Movie

    Selena Gomez and Drake
    via Capital

    Working in showbiz can be quite stressful for celebrities. Selena Gomez certainly felt the weight of her music career and wanted out. Fortunately, the 28-year-old decided otherwise in her better judgement after releasing her newest Spanish EP. Not to mention, her acting career has seen a huge boost in the last few years. Recently, the singer teamed up with Drake on their new “Spiral” film.

    According to Deadline, Selena Gomez will take on the lead role in the film. Furthermore, Drake has been set to make his Executive Producer debut on the film. The synopsis detailed that “a former influencer whose addiction to social media is causing her body to literally fall apart.” Sounds like a great film already. Not only is film full of a-list actors like Selena Gomez, but it’ll also have great people working behind the scenes.

    According to sources, the film will have Petra Collins directing and Future the Prince aka Adel Nur acting as the second executive producer. Clearly, the movie has the recipe for a great film so far.

                            Selena Gomez’s Film Lineup

    Selena Gomez and Drake
    via Complex

    Selena Gomez and Drake’s “Spiral” movie already sounds like a groundbreaking film in the making. More importantly, the film only took Gomez’s career to the next level. Not only has she bagged her newest role, but she has a whole film lineup. The 28-year-old just wrapped up the Hulu series “Only Murders In The Buildings”, starring alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short. Additionally, the former Disney star will reprise her role as Mavis on “Hotel Transylvania: Transformia.” Looks like Selena Gomez won’t be leaving showbiz any time soon.


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