Season 4 of Castlevania Will Have So Many Twist


Will Dracula come back to his castle?

Netflix has announced that Castlevania will be back for a fourth season. After its celebrated third season, Castlevania is coming back with more of its beautiful story and action sequences.

The announcement was made on Netflix with Devil Forgemaster Isaac looking into a mirror to say that ” Season Four Is Coming”.

Season 4 of Castlevania Will

As explained before, season 3 was different from its other seasons. Where the others had a great balance of story and action. Season 3 focuses on the story of the series. It carefully separates the characters and explains how the next season will take place. It is well pace and still has some great action scenes. This is my favorite season of the show thus far.

Season 4 is still a mystery. We don’t know what it will bring but season 3 left us with so many cool options that I just can’t wait.

There is no release date yet for season 4, but the next season for this classic show will possibly come out in 2021.

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