Sean Paul – Crick Neck (Official Video)

Sean Paul Crick Neck

Grammy award winner and dancehall legend Sean Paul debuts the music video to his Island Records single “Crick Neck.” The single followed his recent collaboration with Sia on Cheap Thrills.

Speaking on the inspiration behind Crick Neck, Paul said, “Crickneck is a fun song me an my bredrin chi Ching did 2 show our love 4 the ladies an their sexiness!!! It says we appreciate all that they go thru 2 look good, so much so that we go thru physical pain such as suffering a crickneck jus because the ladies are hard 2 take our eyes off.” He continued to explain the visuals behind the song, saying, “So many dance hall tracks in Jamaica have unique dance moves that everyone knows and dances to. The concept behind the video was to document the creation of a new move, created especially by Sean and Ching and watch it spread around the Island. The opening scene shows Sean and Ching discussing what ‘Crick Neck’ actually means – You see a beautiful girl walk past you and you can’t help but look at her, you Crick your neck to look at her – hence the creation of the Crick Neck move”

Check out the music video above, and for fans, Sean Paul has an exclusive one-off show at the Electric Ballroom in Camden on Tuesday, Sept. 13th.


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