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    Sean Kiez New Single, Video

    Sean Kiez is taking over 2021 on his own terms. With his fresh new single and video release for “Scared Money ft. Philthy Rich,” all eyes are on Kiez.

    Sean Kiez is an artist and songwriter who delivers a soulful sound and truthful lyrics. Kiez has a strong ability to develop talent and a fascinating ear for good music.

    The Video

    “Scared Money,” is filled to the brim with flavorful beats, and Kiez’s brilliant lyrical flow. The track not only showcases his work as a performer but a prolific songwriter as well. The video takes the piece to a whole new level with imagery and a vibe that helps to set the tone of what’s to come. Alongside his prior recent singles “Addicted ft. Jucee Froot,” and the groundbreaking “Bottom Bihh,”  Kiez shows no sign of slowing down as he outdoes himself once again on  “Scared Money.” The track was produced by Grammy Award Winning  producer Raphael ‘RJ2’ of Beats How You Want Em, with his eyes set for another Grammy with Sean Kiez. The coinciding video shoot took place at The Liberace Mansion in Las Vegas.

    Kiez gives some insight of the release sharing:

    “When I went to Vegas to record my album, I knew we were going to be all work and no play. I had to get focused. It was like I was going to the desert to train like a fighter, but in the studio. I have so many hits on the way, and RJ2 is a genius like myself so we definitely carved the ‘Sean Kiez lane’ I’m sure y’all gonna enjoy.”

    Sean Kiez’s Inspiration

    Kiez pulls influences from various angles which makes his music not only unique, but visionary. Inspired by the greats from Kanye West to Al Green, Luther Vandross, Nas, Jay Z, 2Pac and even Frank Sinatra, he delivers a prominent voice that helps to hone his own, true-to-self sound. With a West Coast flavor lyrically and the bounce of the South which is evident in his new single “Scared Money,” the element of surprise is at every corner.

    Kiez draws lyrics from a personal place, inspired by life’s ups and downs, which also stimulates him to push the envelope of social issues into the music. Growing up in a musical house where songs were a way to escape and reflect, Kiez found the power of emotions within every piece. This made him realize how the backdrop of music helps to shape lives; and he desired to be apart of the movement.

    Kiez’s music is limitless. He taps all genres giving the listener a rawness which will challenge you to escape mediocrity and boss-up.

    Sean Kiez is bringing back authentic Hip Hop and R&B vibes, so get ready…it’s going to be a wild ride.

    “Scared Money ft. Philthy Rich,” is out now via YouTube and all digital platforms.

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