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    Scientist Closer To Creating Zombies!!

    If movies have taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t play with editing Genes

    A group of scientists from MIT and Harvard has developed a new gene-editing method they say can correct 89% of gene defects.  Most diseases come from gene defects so this new method could put an end to diseases like sickle cell anemia amount others.

    The new method is a combination of CRISPR editing and protein that can create new DNA. The CRISPR method is still pretty new but its possibilities are almost limitless. It’s basically a protein that acts like scissors to cut DNA at the point of mutation.

    This new method, called prime editing is more exact and precise. Instead of just cutting the DNA at the site of mutation, a scientist can insert new DNA at the targeted point.  DNA can be copied and inserted into places where mutated DNA once was.

    However, there are potential negatives scientists have to worry about.

    One of the biggest fears is that the method can be used to alter unborn babies. Additionally, ethical issues have arisen on how this science can be used in ways that harm others. Because these techniques are still new the consequences of gene editing are still unknown.

    This is usually the part in the movie where scientists push the limits and something goes wrong. In the movies things like Zombies, mass diseases, mutants with powers something happens and it usually not good for people. The issue is that man is constantly trying to play God.

    Science has vastly improved human life for centuries, but it has also damaged it. The atom bomb, chemical warfare, nuclear weapons are all a result of science. As a society, we need to be careful about how far we allow scientists to push the envelope in the name of research.

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    Featured Image Credit: genengnews

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