Scarlett Johansson Plans To Stick Around With $15 Million On The Table

Scarlett Johansson Plans

While the Marvel Universe continues to bit their nails waiting for “Avengers 4”, Scarlett Johansson is wailing a giant smile.

Scarlett Johansson has been a vital piece in the Marvel-verse, playing as a supporting role to Earth’s mightiest heroes. Up to this point, Johansson has played a cameo in atleast six marvel comic movies. According to “The Hollywood Reporter, the versatile actor will be staring in her own stand-alone film.

Her playing the main character will earn her a payday of $15 million. The amount has not officially been confirmed by Marvel, and more than likely will no anytime soon. The payday will match the likes of Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth in their respective stand-alone movies.

For years there has been rumors that at some point Black Widow would get her own solo movie, however many thought this was scraped with all types of theories about characters being killed off. At the moment Johansson is on pace to become Hollywood’s highest paid film actress, with plenty of hopes that she will have a sequel and follow up.

Safe to say, we still have plenty to look for in the Marvel Universe, with Black Panther and Dr. Strange sequels to start production in 2019.

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