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    Saweetie Fears Childbirth But Fans Suspect She’s Over It

    Amid the fears of the pandemic, plenty of people are still carrying on with life as usual. Hollywood stars especially have babies on the brain since everyone from Nicki Minaj to Katy Perry has welcomed their firstborns. Fans suspect that rapper Saweetie might be having her first child with long-time boyfriend Quavo. Could Saweetie finally have overcome her fears about childbirth?

                Is Saweetie Expecting?

    Long-term relationships in Hollywood are in short supply. Given the state of the country, we’d think maintaining a lasting relationship would be near impossible. Incredibly enough, the novel pandemic brought many couples closer in the last year or so. Statistics even show a spike in couples taking the next step in their relationships, like marriage. Most are even considering pregnancy. Leave it to a contagion to inspire thoughts about prosperity. While 2020 welcomed plenty of Hollywood pregnancies, 2021 will soon welcome its first superstar baby.

    Recently, “Bestfriend” rapper Saweetie tweeted a comment that’s left fans scrambling to find out if the star is expecting. In a self-proclaimed, drunken stupor, Saweetie took to Twitter to tweet “I’m officially a mom” on January 9th. The rapper briefly explained that she wrote the message as a response to an old tweet. Though, it didn’t stop fans from questioning if she’s considering childbirth.

    Many of her followers expressed their surprise and shock. Some took their commentary a little too far with tweets like “I didn’t say you could go public with my child.” We’re pretty sure Saweetie’s long-time boyfriend didn’t appreciate invasive comments like those. Others pointed out that the tweet related to Saweetie’s earlier statements about owning a pet. The fans are obsessed with this girl’s life.

                 Saweetie’s Initial Thoughts On Childbirth

    via HipHopDX

    Saweetie didn’t release any further explanation on her tweet, leaving many of us in the dark. We don’t really know what the rapper meant by her tweet. Though the news would be quite shocking if the star were pregnant, given Saweetie’s initial fears about childbirth. The 27-year-old admitted to becoming traumatized after watching a video on Twitter of a woman giving live birth. It’s possible that Saweetie may have overcome her fears about childbirth. If not, she’s probably not planning on having kids anytime soon. After all, her career is just starting to pop off!


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