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    Saweetie Calls Out Celebrity News Outlet For Spreading False Rumors Of Her & Quavo

    Recently, Saweetie has been making the rounds in the media for her newest partnership with McDonalds. However, HollywoodLife recently published a story about Saweetie that’s left a sour taste in the rapper’s mouth. Their most recent story alluded to a possible rekindling of romance between the “Tap In” star and her ex-Quavo. Of course, Saweetie shared a few choice words for the publication. Clearly, the rapper doesn’t take kindly to news outlets spreading false rumors.

                The Publication Spread False Rumors About Saweetie & Quavo Spending Quality Time

    false rumors
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    According to the article recently published by HollywoodLife, Saweetie and Quavo have reconnected five months after their spilt in March of this year. Apparently, a music insider clued the publication in on the details of their rekindling romance. The source exclusively told HollywoodLife that the rappers have spent time together in New York. Though, the couple has kept things on the DL. Moreover, Quavo initiated the meeting by requesting to see Saweetie. The music insider noted that even though the two have broken up, there’s still a deep connection between them.

    That’s pretty hard to believe given the repossessed cars, their twitter banter and the footage from their elevator fight. What’s funny is that the source made sure to point out that neither of the exes have confirmed the rumor. Not even their teams have chosen to comment on the matter. The insider’s story seems sketchy. However, they still ran the story. Guess their in the business of spreading false rumors.

                                 Saweetie Claps Back

    false rumors
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    While Saweetie’s team failed to comment on the HollywoodLife article, the artist herself had plenty to say. On Tuesday August 26, the “Back To The Streets” rapper took to Twitter to address the fast spreading rumor of her rekindling romance with Quavo. The rapper retweeted the article, all while calling the publication “Pinocchio a** article.” In the same breath, Saweetie drew attention back to her partnership with McDonalds by saying, “Anyways, back to this #saweetiemeal.” Leave it to the Icy Girl to squash the false rumors.


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