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    Savannah Cristina Releases “Comfortable” Song and Video

    Savannah Cristina “Comfortable” Song and Video Are Out Now

    Warner Records’ new singer/songwriter/poet Savannah Cristina is one to watch. She just released another beautiful and soothing song with a complimentary video entitled “Comfortable” – showcasing her soulful voice, sensual lyrics and alluring tone. Get “Comfortable” NOW, and watch the video HERE.
    The South Florida native put out a string of stripped-down videos that she recorded with a mic and minimal set-up on a beach, basketball court and anywhere else she’d feel inspired, including a busy street intersection. Savannah’s organic approach paid off. Her latest video, “Self Care,” is brutally honest and empowering – a song all females can relate to. The video has over 4 million YouTube views, and garnered a co-sign from Alicia Keys who called Savannah’s “Self-Care” “beautiful.”
    Savannah Cristina Releases Comfortable Song-1
    Savannah Cristina describes her music as “soul therapy.” The vibe is therapeutic. It’s food for thought with lyrics that nurture the soul. Citing Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, and Stevie Wonder as early influences, Savannah began honing her skills at the age of six, singing at church. It’s her God-given talent and relentless work ethic that makes the music’s quality sound; combined with natural beauty and brains, it’s clear that Savannah Cristina is ready for the spotlight.

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    Read HERE for more information on Savannah Cristina, and stay tuned for more new music coming soon.

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    Did you enjoy Savannah Cristina’s new song “Comfortable”? And what did you think of the music video?


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