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    Samson: The UK Artist Shares Life and New Single “Come Over”

    Setting the UK on fire with his new track, “Come Over” Samson is making a statement with his sound and style. Samson is Nigerian and is fond of celebrating his heritage via swagger and his luxurious personality. HypeFresh ws more than happy to sit down with Samson. Meet Samson.

    Sampson on Music, Style and Background

    Hailing from London, the artist boasts his eclectic style, who models his artistry after a few notable artists. He says his work mirrors the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, and J Cole. Samson shares that his work is inspired by many cultures; however, he enjoys his own style.

    Coming from a strong Nigerian background, Samson blames his father for his first experiences with music.

    “Growing up, my dad had a massive vinyl collection, CD collection, cassette tape collection, I’ve always had an interest in it since a young age,” Samson said.

    Like most artists, cultivating his gifts at church.

    The “Come Over” artist then boasts his individuality.

    “I think UK artists in general, we really have a cool flavor that I really like,” Samson exclaimed. “Before, when I was listening to predominately American artists, I thought America did it better. Now I think we have our own flavor that’s really great.”

    Samson goes on to say that every time he looks at something, he notices what everyone else is doing, then he automatically does the exact opposite. This is what sets him apart from other artists in UK: he is always on his toes so that he knows how to maneuver his style seamlessly in the other direction.

    “Growing up, I stuck out and I really don’t know why,” Samson said. I don’t know why I didn’t fit in with a specific camp, so I think that is what sets me apart.”

    On New Single “Come Over”

    Samson is always on Instagram live creating beats. Then one day, his uncle, one of his greatest supporters, was watching. He heard his sample of someone’s cover of “Come Over” by Aaliyah.

    “He heard the sample and called me after the live ended, telling me I should write a song about a girl asking asking to come over—it took me like a day and a half to write in the studio, the rest is history,” Samson recalled.

    The artist shouts out his creative director, Chester, who is the driving force behind his cover art. The inspiration comes from the television show, Everybody Hates Chris. However, coming together, the two decided to mirror the theme with “Everybody Loves Samson”. The model in the video is the artist’s cousin-in-law, who helped to bring the vision to life.

    Samson is an independent artist who desires to remain independent. If he decides to crossover, he wants to have full creative control.

    “All labels aren’t bad, I’m sure there is a label that would have my best interest, but I don’t have any desire for that,” he said.

    On Becoming

    The UK artist brags on his forthcoming projects, stating that his newest project comprises of various unique sounds. He compared his work to that of Tyler the Creator and Odd Future. Samson loves Earl Sweatshirt’s sound, explaining that the way he mixes his tracks, how the music overpowers his voice, but in a purposeful way. He admires how the beats are distorted and wants to model his music in that fashion.

    Samson explains that he would love to work with Kanye West but is a bit intimated to work with Tyler.

    “I feel like I would ruin anything he is making,” he said.

    He would also like to work with Lancey Foux and producer Soundwave. Samson looks forward to a promising career in the business, sharing his light with the world— in the most original way possible.

    HypeFresh would like to thank Samson for sitting down with us!

    You can find Samson on twitter on Instagram,  @Samsonm_



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