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    Safaree’s Wap Remix Proves He Didn’t Write For Nicki

    Safaree WAP remix, “BAD” is proof the reality star never wrote for Nicki Minaj!

    Safaree wrote a remix to Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallions hit song WAP, the song, entitled BAD(Big Ass D**k”) is worse than you think.

    This past weekend social media feeds were full of arguments over women’s sexuality and promiscuity. These conversations were a result of the fallout from the World Premiere of the Wap Video.

    Big news from the video was the Kylie Jenner appearance. However, a lot of people had some bad things to say about the way Cardi and Meg were behaving and rapping in the video.

    Right on cue, Safaree drops this song, proving 1) he didn’t right for Nicki 2) men are idiots.

    We all have the same social media sites when something is trending it’s trending to celebrities and fans alike. Erica Mena should have at least told her beau that dropping this song may not be the best look.

    In regard to the rumor that Safaree was Nicki write, such a suggestion is an example of the misogyny that plagues the rap industry. Nicki Minaj is arguably a top 5 rappers in the game right now, male or female. For over a decade, she has been more consistent, more entertaining, and downright better than most male rappers.

    The second part is that all weekend men had all these comments about the video and being “role models.”  Then Safaree does this, and we are reminded that men have been making far worse songs for a lot longer.

    What are your thoughts on Safarees Wap Remix? Did you like it? Or Do you think it’s Trash?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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