Saba Adds Rock Vibes To New Single, “Soap Box”

Saba Adds Rock Vibes

Saba continues to ride the 2016 hype wave, even after his No Ceilings 9 show performance in New York, and also on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with Chance the Rapper.

But, this time around, the hype surrounds his latest offering, “Soap Box,” which is co-produced by Saba and Phoelix.

The duo added guitar riffs to incorporate a rock sound, further bending the stereotypical genre limits.

The song premiere on Genius with lyric annotations by Saba.

“A 6 piece wing dinner from your fav Chicago chicken spot is most likely gonna come with some coleslaw on the side and I’m definitely not gonna eat that shit.”

Listen to “Soap Box” below:


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