Russell Simmons Apologizes For RushCard Glitch

Rush Card

If you have a RushCard then you probably have faced some problems with your account as of late.

The prepaid debit card system is having trouble getting back online following a problem with frozen accounts.

In a recent video posted on his Facebook, RushCard’s founder Russell Simmons apologized to customers for the glitch and assured that it will be resolved soon.

“I want to personally reassure you that your funds are safe and that we are addressing every issue as quickly as possible,” Simmons said. “I deeply apologize for the hardship this is causing and give you my solemn commitment that we will fix these problems.”

RushCard believes that this issues is a result of “too many failed website login attempts.” The company stated late Wednesday that direct deposits will continue to appear in accounts over night and that account balances will start to “reflect” transactions that took place before the “processor transition.”

According to Simmons, it will take a few days for everything to be corrected.


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