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    Reptar Bars are No Longer Fiction…They’re Real and You Can Buy Them

    90’s babies are in luck again. FYE, a popular pop culture and toy retailer, has decided to start selling candy bars, famously known from Nickelodeon’s hit show Rugrats.

    The candy bars will be sold in packs of five, and will cost consumers $20 per pack. They’re 1.75-ounce chocolate bars, that come with a ice blue frost filling.

    If you remember correctly, the chocolate bars had the ability to turn Tommy and the rest of his diapered friend’s tongues a different color, after consumption.These Reptar on Ice candy bars will have the same capabilities.

    So if you know someone who loved to watch Rugrats, maybe this’ll be the perfect holiday present for them. Just keep in mind, you can’t purchase them just anywhere. They’re being sold exclusively by FYE.

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