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    Rose Colors To Match Your Summer Rose Bouquet

    Remember how much you loved getting flowers on Valentine’s Day? For those opposed to the fleeting summer fling, summer romance can still be as passionate and enduring as it was during the colder months. When the colors represent one’s feelings towards their lover, rose-hued nails are the poolside equivalent to the Valentine’s Day bouquet. Here are several rose nail color polish ideas and the corresponding rose color meaning to choose from when trying to impress your summer crush!

    The Green Rose

    According to, this is the perfect rose to symbolize hope whenever a loved one is going through it. This rose communicates the pressure that they need to move out from under trying life circumstances and seek rest and optimism.

    Dark and Brooding

    green rose color nails

    Some medical experts believe in lightening the dreariness of black nail polish by opting for a deeply dark shade of any rose color. Truly black roses are the result of dye, and those often mistaken for being black are naturally occurring shades of red (maroon too) and purple roses.

    Lighter Shades says that with pink and purple roses, the meaning is in the shade. If these flowers are meant as a gift of appreciation, hot pink (with nails to match) are the way to go. On the other hand, light pink symbolizes demure things like gracefulness and joy. Experiment with the definitive rose color by complimenting the more neutral shade with a shimmery gold.

    Purple Roses

    According to the purple rose or “the mystical rose” gives off “vibes of royalty, enchantment, and majesty.”

    If you fell for your lover at first sight, deliver them a bouquet of thorn-less lavender roses with a matching pedicure. insists that deep purple is perfect for the married couple who has been married for twenty-five years. According to, “Midnight Blue” roses look black but are actually “a very deep shade of purple”.

    The Underdog

    Blue and black roses only exist in fiction or as the result of dye. reveals that blue roses are associated with the idea that “some doors should never be opened.” says that “floriography” is a form of nonverbal communication that began in the Victorian Era and is still referenced today in media. The rose has a long-list of sinister and political associations. For a more adventurous hubby, both black fingernails and black roses can symbolize change.

    White Roses

    According to, the white rose can represent bridal ideals like loyalty and being pure of heart. Channel your inner-bride with a refined and simple white polish or white flower details.


    Represent your summer dozen on each digit!

    red realism rose color nails


    It’s 2022, nail technicians can do basically anything.

    Yellow Nail Polish

    More of an acquaintance? Yellow roses are greatly correlated with friendship, and yellow nails are so summer. Surprise your pal with a unique yellow rose and sunflower bouquet!

    yellow rose nails


    Speaking of friends, there are great non-romantic color options when it comes to gifting one roses. Plus, neon shades for nail fashion are youthful and sporty! Yellow, orange, blue, and green are all great non-romantic options. If you’re single, try having some fun with bright colors this summer.

    Fallin’ In Love

    A bouquet of orange and red roses can convey that the flower giver is falling in love with the flower recipient at the moment. This is because red roses symbolize romantic love in general. says orange roses are bold, and they therefore symbolize passionate feelings like enthusiasm and excitement. That’s true for peach as well as coral.

    Rainbow Tips

    rainbow rose nail color

    Rainbow roses and rainbow nails are for free-spirits and happy occasions. warns, “start with a white or pale pink rose to get the purest colors.” So, it is safe to assume that most rainbow roses naturally started as a rose of some shade of light pale.

    rainbow rose color

    Prime Red

    prime red rose color

    If red means passion, says burgundy represents passion that is extreme. With the intensity of the shade in mind, all red roses can still be a source of emotional clarity.

    Do you like giving flowers in the summer? What’s your go to summer nail color? Let us know by leaving a comment!



    1. I prefer to receive flowers no matter what the season!
      In the summer (I only put nail polish on my toes and only in the summer) whatever nail polish I do choose to use is always accented by some sort of “glitter trademark.”
      I was surprised that I liked the first nail polish showcased- that darker hue of green; I also really liked the examples of “realism” and “rainbow tips.”

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