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    Rosalia’s Clash With Culture Appropriation

    Since her rise to stardom and the release of her 2018 sophomore album “El Mal Querer” Rosalia has been in a clash with the public. She’s been accused as a culture vulture. At the 2019 Latin Grammys, she was among the top nominees. She won Album of the Year and Best Urban Song and three other awards.

    Rosalia also became the first Catalan to win multiple VMA Awards. Such as Best Choreography and Best Latin Video for “Con Altura” featuring J Balvin. While accepting the award for Best Latin Video the singer said “I come from Barcelona, I’m so happy to be here… representing my culture”.

    After that statement many in the Latino community started to question. And Afro-Dominican journalist Jennifer Mota asked: “What part of ‘Con Altura’ was Rosalia’s culture?”

    People were right to question what culture she was actually representing. First and foremost the song ‘Con Altura’ has a Reggaetón type beat where this genre originates from Puerto Rico. Also having J Balvin as the feature and Pablo “El Guincho” Díaz-Reixa a  Spanish producer of the song. Although the song it self shows the vocals Rosalia has on top we can hear the classic Dembow that comes in Reggaetón.

    Still Clashing In 2022

    Years after her career took off Rosalia continues to clash with the public for appropriation. In her recent album ‘Motomami‘ she uses a minimalistic form of Reggaetón especially using the drum beat use as a staple for Puerto Rican reggaetón.

    Furthermore from the hate she receives Rosalia tends to give credit where it’s due. In her latest album she mentions in a interview how she uses Latino artists to make her music. And how these are a tribute to them. Especially in one of her songs ‘Delirio de Grandeza’ which was originally written by Justo Betancourt a Cuban salsa singer. This is where she recreates the song in her own image giving it flare of her own by also sampling a song from Soulja Boy. Showing the talent she actually contains especially in her first time producing an album.

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