ROME Unveils New Music Video For “FWM”


In an effect to keep their momentum going on the heels of their latest hit, ROME dives deeper into creativity with a catchy new sing-a-long track and music video, titled “FWM.

In the latest release, a track that has been on the artist’s heart for quite a while now is finally out for the world to appreciate. “FWM” features modern Hip-Hop influences and ingredients, with a dash of R&B, completing the perfect sonic recipe.


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Ultimately, “FWM” is an incredibly rewarding experience for the audience, and just a starting example of ROME’s abilities when it comes to challenging himself and redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of compositional creativity. Furthermore, it’s a good introduction to ROME’s personality for those who aren’t familiar yet.

“FWM” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans as ROME preps an upcoming full-length release.

Watch “FWM” above and below, and be sure to stream the official audio on your preferred DSP.


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