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    “Rolling Stone” Validates Iggy Azalea’s Rants About Streaming Manipulation

    The music industry surrounds itself in controversies and scandals. According to Iggy Azalea, the music industry’s biggest kept secret has to do with the artists committing Payola. The “Cream” rapper has spoken out about the act of pay-for-play on streaming services. Oddly enough, fans didn’t buy Azalea’s story. Little fans know how serious of an issue Payola has become.

    The law prohibits artists from using Payola, especially when it comes to radio stations. However, it’s a little harder to track through streaming services. That all changed once Rolling Stone revealed that rapper G-Eazy’s management team’s used streaming manipulation. Looks like Iggy Azalea wasn’t telling tall tales after all.

                Rolling Stone Caught G-Eazy Redhanded

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    via Rolling Stone

    Releasing hit singles comes natural to some artists. However, others struggle just to make it onto the Billboard Charts. Some musicians cheat to their way to the top of the list. Unfortunately, the method of streaming manipulation has made it possible for several artists like rapper Gi-Eazy to make it onto the Billboard Charts.

    Recently, Rolling Stone exposed G-Eazy’s management team for allegedly committing a Payola through a streaming service in 2019. The deal in question had to do with his EP Scary Nights from that year. Reportedly, the rapper’s team, the Blueprint Group agreed to a deal with digital marker Joshua Mack, to receive millions of streams for a hefty price. During the call, G’s management plainly stated, “I want this to be big.” Already sounds suspect.

    Furthermore, Mack boasted that his “network” could generate “200 million streams a month for around $30-$50k a month.” Though, Mack made the mistake of mentioning that he’s previously been penalized by Spotify for streaming manipulation. In the end, he convinced G’s team that he knows how to “manipulate the system and hit astronomical numbers.” When the guy outright admitted to streaming manipulation, his team should’ve looked elsewhere. Now G-Eazy will have to suffer the consequences.

                Iggy Azalea’s Streaming Manipulation Rant

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    via Billboard

    It’s shocking that G-Eazy’s team agreed to streaming manipulation for for his 2019 EP. What happened to hard work, persistence, and patience? In the rapper’s defense, though, Rolling Stone did mention that G-Eazy and his record label had no clue about the conversation. Regardless of who’s at fault, rapper Iggy Azalea had to speak out on the matter.

    On March 11, the rapper tweeted, “Remember when the internet said I made up that streaming has payola worse than radio. Glad someone’s starting to expose the secret world of streaming and ‘curators’ it’s time.” The “Fancy” emcee first ranted about the issue back in 2019. At the time, she accused the music industry of covering up the secret act of streaming manipulation. No one believed her then, but they do now.




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