READ: Is Wiz Khalifa’s New Album Conventional Trap Music?

READ Is Wiz Khalifas New Album

Hip Hop, this year, seems to favor  the “trap” style of rap, to traditional lyricism.


Wiz Khalifa continues this trend with Rolling Papers 2, his newest full length offering which dropped today. Khalifa delivers an entertaining summer album with a collection of bangers. When going out with your friends on a weekend, you will definitely hear a few of these songs. Though, it is fun to listen to, it does not give an audience anything truly memorable.

        “Through with the basics, you think it’s a spaceship, when I ride through” is one of the first bar you hear when you listen to Rolling Papers 2 , with “Hot Now.” This simple method of rapping is the tone, lyrically, for the album, mostly. Khalifa continues this with “Ocean” and “Going Hard”, rapping club style trap music.  Khalifa does not give us any sort of particularly complicated wordplay in this latest work. These songs are clearly not meant to be thought with much difficulty. These are just fast pace songs meant for a dance floor. Though, they do carry out their purpose very well, Khalifa brings some pretty catchy tunes that will make you want get out of your seat. If you are looking for some lyrically focused hip hop, do not check this album out. If you want trap and club music to vibe to, then Khalifa gives you what you want.


         Khalifa changes up his style, switching out for a slower tone toward the end and middle of the album with “B OK” and “Hopeless Romntic.” These songs are the highlight of the album. The relaxed pace compliments Khalifa’s flow better than songs like “Karate” and “Fr Fr.” Khalifa delivery method for his song’s is generally fairly somber. So, when give a fast beat to rap over, Khalifa’s flow feelings forced on this album; it sounds like he is trying to rap instead of just actually rapping. The lazily beats fits his delivery much better.  They make it sound more authentic and cleaner.

        With the exception of “Holyfield”, there is not a bad song on the album. However, it is entirely too long. Rolling Papers 2 has 25 songs on them, which half of sound the same. It gets repetitive, listening to the same flow, lyric style, and topics over and over. The album is fun, but listening to the entire thing felt like a choir by the 12th song. It seems as though this was two albums that were just thrown together into one. Almost half of this album could have been cut out.

         So, Rolling Papers 2 gets a 3 out of 5 stars. This is an enjoyable album that is worth listening to. However, there is nothing about it that makes it special. It sounds like your typical trap album and gets boring after awhile.

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