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    Rolling Loud New York 2022: 5 Memorable Moments

    As the summer winds down, that means there are going to be fewer music festivals because of the colder weather. This upsets me heavily as an avid festival/concert goer. One festival that’s already leaving us for the year is Rolling Loud. The New York edition was the last Rolling Loud of 2022, and it ended with a bang.

    Here are five memorable moments from Rolling Loud New York 2022.

    21 Savage’s Tardiness

    You hate to see it when an artist’s performance is canceled, especially if you are in the crowd waiting for them. But when a cancellation occurs, you hope it’s for a serious reason, not tardiness. Rolling Loud canceled 21 Savage’s performance for being extremely late. Then to follow it up, Savage tweeted he would never perform at a Rolling Loud festival again. It’s honestly a bad look for both sides.

    But to play devil’s advocates, we have to hold artists accountable. Artists (specifically rappers) like to take advantage of their fame and act like they can show up when they want. They forget they came to do a job, and the least you can do is give fans an experience worth their money.

    Moshing Gone Wrong

    I’ve been telling people moshing isn’t for the weak. Don’t be surprised if you leave with a couple of minor injuries, fans take moshing extremely seriously. A couple of artists learned that lesson the hard way this weekend. Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky clearly lost their damn minds. Because both of them attempted to hop into the crowd and you could tell they immediately regretted their decision.

    It probably played out better in their head, because they seriously underestimated how many people are excited to get close to them. Attendees immediately swarmed both of them, to the point where security had to save them from the madness. Rocky got it worse. You could unquestionably tell he was in pain. He expressed his discomfort and explained that a fan was gripping his privates, which was insanely out of pocket.

    We All Gotta Start Somewhere

    One of the best parts about these huge festivals is seeing newer artists make their major festival debut. If we’re being honest, most fans aren’t spending big bucks on these concerts to see the openers. But that doesn’t stop the openers from giving the fans a headliner-worthy performance.

    My point is, we all got to start somewhere. Skipping steps in the music industry don’t do anything but set you up for failure. Moments like this are crucial to their development and remind them they are on the right path. Give it a couple of years, and artists like Jeleel & Ben Reilly will be headliners, mark my words.

    The Show Must Go-On

    Artists shouldn’t take for granted how blessed of an opportunity it is to perform live at a major festival. You never know who’s watching you for the first time or if this is someone’s one shot of ever seeing you. That’s why you should make every performance count.

    One artist who made the most out of nothing this weekend has to be Offset. He didn’t need the rest of the Migos to have a good ass time. Unlike Future, whose set they cut short due to the bad weather, Offset didn’t let the rain ruin his set. Even when it started raining cats and dogs, it didn’t stop him from finishing what he started. It takes true dedication to do what he did. Offset made sure his fans had an experience they’ll never forget. Once again, proving he’s the most elite member of the Migos and that he never needed them.

    Queen Nicki

    The one and only Nicki Minaj graced the New York stage last weekend. I feel like this is a monumental moment for the Barbie Queen. Not only was she a headliner, but she also did it in her hometown, Queens. She rarely comes out, especially to perform, so best believe it was something special. Nicki truly gave fans a powerful performance and even performed all her fan-favorite tracks.

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