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    Robson Rocha, DC Artist Dies at 41 From Covid-19

    DC Artist Robson Rocha dies at 41 from Covid

    Sadly, accclaimed DC Comics artist Robson Rocha has died from complications due to Covid-19. The artist was hospitalized in June for Covid-19. Additionally, Rocha was only 41 years old and best know for his inkling of Aquaman comics. Evidently, following his hospital stay, the artist passed away on Sunday, July 11th, in his home country of Brazil. 

    Robson Rocha via Instagram

    Confirmed Passing of Robson Rocha

    Furthermore, comic book artist Fabi Marques confirmed Rocha’s passing on Twitter.

    “I’m really sorry to inform that we lost Robson. One of the greatest artists of our generation. Rest in power.”

    Robson Rocha’s DC Career

    In 2010, Rocha signed a contract with DC Comics and started his career as a comic book artist. Since then, he has soared covering a wide variety of content across the DC spectrum. Accordingly, the artist has worked on a number of comics from DC including Green Lantern, Aquaman, Supergirl, Batman, and Birds of Prey. Consequently, his talent was world renowned and spanned the covers and insides of DC Comics for 10 years. 

    Robson Roca and Lee Weeks via Instagram

    Further, a grieving Jim Lee wrote on Instagram.

    “My condolences first and foremost to his widowed wife and daughter, his many peers who admired and respected his talent, and the countless fans around the world who loved and cherished his art.”

    Nethertheless, even if you are not familiar with Rocha the artist, chances are you know his work. Take a look at his artwork below and explore the range of his talent. 

    Credit Rocha, DC Comics
    Credit  Rocha, DC Comics
    Credit Rocha, DC Comics
    Credit Robson Rocha, DC Comics
    Credit Robson Rocha, DC Comics
    Credit Robson Rocha, DC Comics

    Goodbye and May Your Legacy LIve On

    Finally, his artwork is a spectacle to be adored by fans. For more of his artwork, take a look at his Instagram, where he has shared his numerous sketches. It is with a heavy heart that we as fans say goodbye to this talented individual. May his family find peace at this time. 



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