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Robots In Japan Allow People With Disabilities To Work

In Japan, robots allow people with disabilities to work at a cafe. 

In a small cafe, a small robot with the voice of a real woman greeted customers. Many robots, OriHime-D, came out to greet people, take drink orders, and deliver beverages. Workers with physical disabilities that prevent them from doing work like this piloted the robots. In addition to this, the coffee shop also was opened with this message:

“Give various people the opportunity to participate in society, and give them the freedom to work with colleagues.”

One of the workers who was controlling the robot also said:

 “I really felt like I was working at a cafe. I enjoyed conversations with many customers, and it was an encouraging experience for me.”

According to Japan news, Ory lab is the creator of this innovation.  Nippon Foundation and ANA Holdings Inc. also funded the project.

This is a great achievement. Too often, the world tries to work around disabled people, instead of for them. Disabled people deserve to have the resources to do the same things as able-bodied people. Hopefully, this project expands and continues to help people with disabilities.

What do you think of this achievement? Let us know with a comment below. Also, for more news, keep it locked to!

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