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    Liongate’s ‘Robin Hood’ is Retold…Expelling What We Thought We Knew

    Heroism, deception, and arrow splitting adventure are just a few words one can use to describe, the Otto Bathurst directed, retelling of Robin Hood.

    Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx and Jamie Dorman come together in the latest version of the action and adventure film, only to leave behind shoes too big to fill, as they breath new life into the cryptic characters of Nottingham. Egerton, who plays Robin of Loxley, is a painstaking menace hellbent on bringing justice, with the aid of his commander, Little John. Somewhere along the thrilling ride, the two find themselves at the forefront of a revolt, that ends unknowingly.

    Robin Hood will be welcomed by theaters on Nov. 21.

    See the official trailer below, featuring the legend you know, but the story you don’t.



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