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Robert Kraft Presumed


Is Robert Kraft Presumed Guilty For Not Taking Deal?

AP Photo/David Richard

Money gets you but so far these days. Robert Kraft is experiencing that first hand.

Recently the New England Patriots owner was caught up in an interesting scenario. The billionaire is connected to an investigation of prostitution at an Orchids Of Asia Day Spa in Florida. The investigation leads to over 100 men caught on camera allegedly paying for sexual acts. Now his representation is being damaged because of the mistake.

Robert Kraft Presumed Guilty

Kraft has decided to plead not guilty to two misdemeanor charges. Certainly, a reasonable gesture offered to the owner was that he would have to admit that he’s been found guilty. In exchange, he would have charges dropped, and need to 100 hours of community service. Hence, Kraft is still expected to decline the offer and roll the dice. Just two months ago, his franchise secured it’s sixth NFL Championship. Furthermore, the owner could lose alot of endorsements if he doesn’t take the deal.

Is Robert Kraft presumed guilty? Will he take the deal? In conclusion, leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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