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    Robert De Niro is a Sexist Bastard

    Robert De Niro Old ass needs a lesson on Woman rights!

    Hollywood legend Robert De Niro has been accused of gender discrimination and is facing a 12 million dollar lawsuit.  Graham Chase Robinson, De Niro’s former assistant is accusing the Oscar winner of discriminating against her because of her sex. She is also accusing them of creating a hostile work environment.

    Robinson alleges that De Niro used sexist language when referring to a female employee and even called her his office wife. The former assistant also accused her former boss of joking about his Viagra prescription and asking her to imagine him on the toilet.

    Interestingly, De Niro sued Robinson back in August for 6 million dollars. The suit is seeking damages for misappropriated funds and the charging of company money for personal expenses.

    Robinson’s team says that the lawsuit against her is Bullshit and that her former boss only took it out to defame her character.
    CNN reported that as apart of her Law Suit Robinson submitted a voicemail of De Niro shouting obscenities at her. In the voicemail, a voice who sounds like De Niro’s can be heard saying

    Don’t f**king get angry with me ’cause I’m pissed off ’cause I didn’t get a single thing that I need right now … you gotta be f**king kidding me, you spoiled brat! F**k you!”

    However, the comments don’t come off as excessively sexist or discriminatory but more like an entitled boss belittling an employee.

    The timing of this sucks for De Niro as two big projects he is involved in were just released. His Netflix film The Irishman may even win him another oscar. Is the coincidence or was Robinson’s legal team strategy is the time the lawsuit was filed?

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