RISING: Tre Blanca – “All Good”

Tre Blanca

Tre Blanca shows that there’s a thin line between wack/dope music. With the sound of his newest debut single ‘All Good’, it’s apparent of as to which side he sits on.

The ‘dope’ side, obviously.

The twenty-one year old lyricist hailing from the streets of the DMV, has something to prove, giving his listeners a sneak peek of what’s in store for his upcoming mixtape “Black Winter”, which is set to drop on the Twenty-Fifth of Feb.

Delivering an aggressive and raw yet polished flow on the Mid-West inspired production, a blend of clever lyrics, shit-talking and flamboyance saturate ‘All Good’ – from start to finish.

Call this record a reminder as to why Tre Blanca is on HYPEFRESH’s radar for rising artists. No bragging here, we’re just stating the facts. And of course, he wants you to know this too.

With just two weeks to go until the worldwide release via his Soundcloud, ‘Black Winter’ will be in the hands of us all to love, listen and blast on our sound systems. Keep it locked to HYPEFRESH for more updates coming soon.
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A ‘Black Winter’.


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