RISING: Payshx Delivers “You” – Ft. Alista Marq (Prod. HvteLove)

RISING Payshx Delivers

Inspired by personal trials, stories and all things beautiful and passionate, Payshx speaks on her debut single “You” which features Alista Marq, and produced by HvteLove, saying:

I write a lot of songs about unrequited love; it’s a feeling I’m quite familiar with. There’s a weird sense of comfort in sadness, it’s intriguing and I like talking about that

She goes on to mention:

“A lot of us love the idea or potential of someone, but not necessarily the reality. There’s lack of substance and everything is a quick thrill. I wrote this for the people whose feelings keep them up at night. This is for them”

Paysh is on a steady rise musically, inspiring faith from both budding and matured talents alike. “You” feature’s collaboration with North London rapper Alista Marq, whilst in the past, Paysh has also worked with American rapper Nickelus F, known for his collaborations with rapper Drake, whom Paysh cites as the greatest of our generation. In addition, she names James Fauntleroy and Brandy as her main influences, as well as her admiration for 90’s R&B, soul, jazz music and its sense of nostalgia.

You’ll be hearing a lot more of Paysh this year, and we expect growth to continue with her upcoming EP Lonely Hearts Club slated for release before the end of the year.


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