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    Rihanna Younger Kitty Is More Valuable..Sorry Beyonce!!

    Just recently it was reported that Jay-Z is an official billionaire. However, it was only a matter of time until people started putting the pieces together. Rihanna’s net worth is more than Beyonce. That’s right they prefer Rihanna young kitty over Mrs. Carter.

    Jay-z is the first official rapper to become a millionaire. Beyonce status alone should make her right up there with her husband. Overall we were wrong. At the moment Mrs. Carter net-worth is at $400 million. The power couple has more than enough money between both of them. However, it seems as though the younger more possibly sexier artist tops her.

    Rihanna Younger Kitty 

    That’s right, believe it or not, it’s Rihanna who has a higher net worth then Beyonce. The singer has managed to develop a clothing line over the last several years. Overall her net worth is estimated at $600 million.  Previously before Jay and Bey got together there were rumors that Jay had to deal with Rihanna. Now it seems as though she’s better off without “The Blueprint” artist.

    Furthermore, the numbers surely posed a question that social media started taking into account. Did Jay really make the right choice in not picking Rihanna?

    While the 31-year-old Rihanna is pulling in plenty of money, she also has a billionaire boyfriend. On top of her business sense, the artist has plenty of sex appeal and knows how to connect with her fans. She had built an empire through her partnerships, and cosmetic line.



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