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    Rihanna Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

    Rihanna has addressed the latest pregnancy rumors through an Instagram DM. Following the makeup mogul becoming the 11th person ever to be named a National Hero in Barbados on Tuesday (Nov. 30), speculation began on whether or not she was pregnant. The form-fitting Bottega Veneta dress she wore during Barbados’ first presidential inauguration led to rumors spreading.

    Rihanna’s longtime friend, Melissa Forde, fueled the rumors when she liked an Instagram post from The Neighborhood Talk that reported the Anti singer was pregnant. When the blog emphasized that Forde had liked the post, she defended her “like” by claiming that she was high.

    She wrote: “[Crying laughing emojis] guys, this is a high ass moment wtfff. How y’all gon set me up like that? You know I’m not with the messy sh*t carry on guys nothing to see here.”

    Rihanna herself addressed the rumor when an Instagram user named Jen jokingly requested an invite to her baby shower. “Can I come to the baby shower, sis?” Jen asked in the direct message to the Wild Thoughts singer. “True or not, your babies are going to be beautiful!”

    “Sorry everyone’s up in your uterus right now,” she concluded her message.

    “You ain’t came to the first 10 baby showers!” Rihanna jokingly responded. “Y’all breed me every year, dammit, lol.”

    Sharing her post, Jen wrote: “Her uterus said ‘Stay out of my damn business’. I spit my water out when she said ‘the first 10 baby showers’. Regardless I’m happy for her either way she’s living life to the fullest!”

    It’s safe to say that congratulations aren’t in order for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.


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