Rihanna is Taking Her Father To The Cleaners In New Lawsuit

Rihanna is Taking Her Father

After Rihanna’s father, allegedly, exploited her name, Rihanna has reached her breaking point.

Documents obtained by The Blast, shows that Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against Ronald Fenty. According to the documents, Fenty is guilty of using Rihanna’s name to secure large business deals for his business, Fenty Entertainment. And, this news would surface just as the singer announced a new album in 2019!

Apparently, Ronald and his business partner, Moses Perkins, have been posing as agents for the singer, without her consent.

When asked about the situation, a representative for Rihanna responded with this:

“Although Mr. Fenty is Rihanna’s father, he does not have, and never has had, authority to act on Rihanna’s behalf.”

This is not the first time Ronald Fenty has tried to use his daughter as a stepping stone for his own career. Back in 2018, Fenty tried to use RiRi’s name so that he could open a chain of boutique hotels. However, his attempts were ruined when the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office denied his request.

Rihanna’s lawsuit against her father includes an injunction and unspecified damages.

Fenty reportedly has already closed in on a few deals using the “Kiss it Better” singer’s name. He’s said to have made a $15 million tour booking in Latin America, and a booking in Las Vegas, worth $400,000.

The past continues to be the present. Rihanna has said many times that she and her father do not have the best relationship. Looks like it’ll stay that way until this blows over.

Thoughts? Would you sue your own father? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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