Lil Yachty Hops On Rico Nasty’s “Hey Arnold” Remix

Lil Yachty Hops On Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty is having one heck of a year.

After releasing the viral hit “iCarly” earlier this summer and its subsequent mixtape Sugar Trap, it became quite apparent that rapper Rico Nasty was here to stay. The DMV rapper’s gleeful raps over bubbly yet hard-hitting beats – hence the name “sugar trap” – has allowed the rapper to carve her own niche in the game.

Although “Hey Arnold” has already garnered attention following Rico Nasty’s hype from “iCarly,” its remix with the eccentric taste-maker “Lil’ Boat” is providing more exposure to the female rapper. Lil’ Yachty enthusiastically flows over the beat in his typical fashion while also delightfully complimenting Rico Nasty’s style.

Check out the title track’s theme song-infused remix below.


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