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    Rico Nasty Calls Concert Goers “Anti-Black” And Throws Down

    Stars may have all the glitz and glamour, but at the end of the day, they’re just like us regular folk. Though, fans seem to forget that even our favorite celebrities have their bad days. This past weekend, Rico Nasty didn’t have the best of concert experiences during Playboi Carti’s “NARCISSIST” Tour. Instead, the rapper and singer found herself in several brawls with fans throughout the tour. At one point, Rico Nasty even took to social media to call concert goers “Anti-black.”

     Rico Nasty Fighting With The Fans

    Rico Nasty
    via XXL Mag

    Unfortunately, Rico Nasty didn’t have the best of times on Playboi Carti’s “NARCISSIST” Tour. In fact, the female emcee threw down with a few fans. Her most recent altercation with fans happened this past Saturday in Portland, Oregon.

    According to several sources, a fan threw a bottle at the rapper during her performance. Furthermore, the “Smack A B***h” hitmaker completely stopped her performance to demand the identity of the person who threw the bottle. “Who b***h? Be specific, don’t fu**in’ play. Who was it?” she asked the crowd, then threatened to throw hands. “Somebody gon’ get this.” Rather than walking away, Rico Nasty decided to leap into the crowd of fans while her security team chased after her. Whether or not she found the culprit remains a mystery. Though, we’re sure they’ll learn never to throw another bottle at Rico Nasty again.

    She Calls The Fans “Anti-Black”

    Rico Nasty
    via Remezcla

    In addition to fighting with live audiences, Rico Nasty also engaged in Twitter feuds with fans as well. In condemning the disrespectful crowds, she additionally accused of them of being “anti-black.” Furthermore, a Carti fan responded to Nasty’s “anti-black” comment by plainly stating the crowd came to see the man of the hour, not her. Though, the rapper refused to let the fan’s rude commentary go unchecked. She shot back with, “Those ni**as would spit on u irl 😂 it’s pathetic.” Clearly, the female emcee won the fight in the end.


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