Rich The Kid’s Social Media Hacker Wants $750K In Return

Rich The kid

Around a day ago, Rich The Kid’s Instagram and Twitter got hacked by an unknown person.


The perpetrator took to Instagram, and posted a graphic that said RIP Rich The Kid, 1992 – 2018.

This got fans riled up a bit. It wasn’t until a second post was made that the motive of the perpetrator was revealed. The hacker disclosed that they’d need 750K to give the page back, making it apparent to everyone that something mysterious was going on.

Here are the tweets.

Isn’t this funny… and weird?

To be honest, this hacker could have said way more interesting things on Rich The Kid’s social accounts. Before disclosing to the public about the desire for money, the hacker could have said any number of things and people would have gone crazy. After all, Rich The Kid and other celebrities’ only real way of connecting with people instantaneously is through social media. If the hacker had used that as an advantage, they could have really gone wild with it.

Anyway, the update on the situation is that the person wants a helluva lot of money to give back the rapper’s passwords.

I wonder this though: can the authorities not track where the hacker is located? Does the hacker have a VPN?

Stay tuned.



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