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    Rich Quick – “The Everywhere Man” (prod. by Snowgoons)

    Rich Quick is in full-on celebratory mode with fiery, neck-snapping new single “The Everywhere Man,” the title-track off his upcoming Soulspazm debut album.

    The Philly-by-way-of-South Jersey rapper boasts about his career victories to date—namely bodying shows and winning over one crowd after another—while brushing off competitors with a flawless delivery. Quick’s intricate and descriptive verses about his young, albeit established, career are sharp and relentless as they beg for repeated listens. That’s also because of the dizzying production, though, which is supplied by critically adored German producers Snowgoons.

    They conjured a mixture of snarling guitars and banging percussion that perfectly complements Quick’s braggadocio that’s well deserved.

    Raise a glass and turn up your speakers for the everywhere man; he’s most definitely arrived. You can stream the track via the link below. Quick’s debut,

    The Everywhere Man

    , is set to drop

    September 28th

    , on Soulspazm Records, and is now available for


    through iTunes.

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