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    Reports of Potential OBJ Trade to Vikings

    OBJ Could Be Going to Minnesota

    After only spending one year in Cleveland it is possible that stand-out WR Odell Beckham Jr. will be on the move again. Although no deal has been made yet, earlier today, while on his radio station, WFAN’s Marcuse Malusis announced that the Browns and Vikings are in talks of a trade that would send Odell to Minessota.

    Details of the Potential OBJ Trade

    Shortly after this, Malusis took to twitter to back up his claim that OBJ could potentially be playing for the Vikings next season. As the tweet below shows Malusis has stated that sources have told him that the Vikings are making moves to acquire Odell, but no deal has been made yet.

    Who’s to say if this deal will end up going through, but it is interesting to see what the Vikings are offering Cleveland. It would seem that the Browns would receive a second a fifth-round pick for Odell, this is only a year after the Giants received a fair amount more for the receiver. Last season when Odell was traded to the Browns, the Giants were able to receive a first-round and third-round pick as well as Jabrill Peppers.

    Final Thoughts

    Before the 2019 season started there were several talks of how good the Browns were going to be. People assumed that the team’s offensive-fire power combined with the new addition of OBJ would only lead to good things. This was far from true though, seeing as the Browns ended the season with another abysmal record of 6-10.

    Even though Odell was able to put up some solid numbers, the team just didn’t really seem to click. It looks like the Browns might want to switch things up by trading OBJ. But is it worth it for a couple of draft picks?

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Do you believe the reports of the potential OBJ trade? And if so which team do you believe would be getting the better end of the deal?

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