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    Remy Ma Calls Out BET For The Sucka Shit They Did With Cardi & Nicki

    Remy Ma just came at BET neck, and it wasn’t pretty.

    We took it hard last year when we found out that Revolt’s “State Of The Culture”, was taking a break. During that break, the lyrical assassin known as Remy Ma gave birth to a beautiful child. Now her along with the show is back, and the cast is surely getting down to business. The show has become influential in the world of culture politics on a major scale. Joe Budden has been seen as a necessary scapegoat on the entertainment scene for some time now.

    Most recently Nicki took aim at BET for an incident that took place during the Grammys. For the last year, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have been going at it for the crown of dominance among female emcees. Despite having her own personal fall out with Nicki Minaj, Remy called out BET for reigniting tension during the Grammys. She made it clear that she wasn’t biting her tongue on the matter.

    Sucka Shit

    BET congratulated Cardi B for winning her first Grammy, at the same time dissing Nicki for “being dragged by her lacefront”. It wasn’t long before Nicki Minaj reached petty God level after Cardi B’s Grammy. She announced on social media that Young Money would be pulled from performing at the BET awards. The Bodak yellow rapper felt a largely negative response from winning her Grammy. It got to the point where bitter bitches may have cost Cardi B her sanity.

    Does Remy Ma have the right to call out BET for that sucka shit they did? Is this just a stunt to get some more attention? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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