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    Remembering Mac Miller During Capricorn Season 2023

    Today is the last day of 2023’s Capricorn season! It is also the day after the late Capricorn King Mac Miller’s birthday, 1/19. Celebrate the life and legacy of one of rap’s greatest vibes with this playlist!

    1. “Loud”

    As one of the hottest singles off the album Macadelic, this song goes hard (obviously!) Its simplistic honesty is amazing.

    2. “Soulmate”

    Mac Miller was a good dude who often rapped about his aspiration to marry, settle down, and have children. Unfortunately, his life abruptly ended before Mac was able to achieve much success beyond his remarkable music career. This song makes you feel like treating women with kindness!

    3. “In the Bag”

    “This some music that make white people mad!” Mac was a free-spirit. His talent highlighted the meritocracy that is rap music.

    4. “Ascension”

    It’s no secret that Mac battled sadness. The protagonists of Mac Miller’s songs are quite often plagued by metaphorical demons. He likely died as a result of this war.

    5. “Come Back To Earth”

    The man was emotional and extremely sensitive, but Mac did his very best to stay grounded. Choose to do the same. It might help! R.I.P. Malcom J. McCormick.



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