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    Relationship Advice: Keeping Your Love Life Private And Happy

    Love is fleeting, especially when involving too many outside forces. Relationships can be rewarding—finding true love is a blessing. However, a relationship can go south quick. There are a few contributing factors we’d like to address! Keeping your love life private is a powerful thing. Understanding the dynamic of love that is not synthetic. Not to say that people who are public with their relationships don’t make it, but trust, drama looms.

    Modern society seeks validation, meaning a lot of people who are posting envy-provoking posts, aren’t really living that dream. There are still those who genuinely post lovely things to inspire others through their own art form. Looks can be deceiving and the grass isn’t always greener on their side.

    Often times, social media can have adverse effects on relationships with comparisons being the root of the issue. So what happens when that influencer couple breaks up or has a huge falling out? The entire world knows it. How embarrassing! And the thing about it is, things would have probably been able to smooth over if the entire world didn’t know every detail of their situation.

    Keeping Your Relationship Private

    According to relationship coach, Natasha Adomo, relational joy is more about your relationship and less about triggering, pleasing or wow-ing other people. Privacy is key!

    “Privacy is a relational immune booster. Secrecy is Malignant cancer.”

    The goal is to genuinely value each other more than the opinions of others.

    Another point is, EVERY ONE WON’T BE HAPPY FOR YOU. It’s true, a lot of people won’t be happy for you, even some of the people closest to you. It is hard to find someone who can reciprocate the love you give. Being so, showcasing that love too often can trigger feelings of envy and inferiority in others. Believe it or not, all of those energies can negatively impact your relationship. According to Jet Mag, your delight may cause confusion.

    Privacy is not a secret!

    Lastly, keeping your relationship private doesn’t mean that it is a secret! Setting healthy boundaries is a must when working toward a successful relationship. You’ll find that closing your relationship off to as many outside opinions as possible will help your relationship’s longevity.



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