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    Rekeshia Bennett Drops New Single God Flow

    Recently, Singer and songwriter, Rekeshia Bennett dropped her new single, God Flow. An Angelic tune that takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and a process of learning to trust God, this new song is making waves throughout the gospel community. We sit down with the new artist to hear more about her new song and her spiritual journey.

    Tell us about your current project, God’s Flow.

    “God Flow is my second released single. It’s an inspirational message that encourages listeners to let go and trust God.”

    If you could describe your musical style, how would you describe it?

    I love all styles of music I plan to incorporate them all. I would say my music style is urban contemporary. 

    What do you hope to teach others through your music? What is your message?

    I want to teach others about God’s grace and unconditional love and to trust Him to be the author and director of their lives.

    What advice would you give a youth who are struggling with their relationship with God?

    Get to know God for yourself. You don’t have to come to him free of imperfections. He wants you just as you are and he loves you just because you’re YOU.

    What advice would you give aspiring musicians coming into the industry?

    Be patient. I feel we live in a time of immediate gratification. It could be discouraging when you feel your message isn’t being received. Just be patient and stay encouraged someone needs to hear and will receive your message.

    Where can audience members catch the latest updates?

    All music streaming platforms Facebook @RekeshiaBennettMusic Youtube Rekeshia Bennett [email protected]


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