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    Red Rose’s “Feel Good Music” EP Puts Us In Our Feelings

    Great music usually comes from talented artists who can turn a classic hit into a modern-day hit. Chicago-based up and coming R&B artist Red Rose knows just how to make music that puts us in our feelings. Whether it’s the beat, the vibe or just Red Rose’s sensual voice, she knows how to make audiences feel good. 

    Furthermore, her music has already gained international attention from radio stations and hosts like Chloe Mykel on London’s Flex FM. Now the independent artist wants to go worldwide. Her upcoming EP, Feel Good Music may certainly be the big breakthrough she’s looking for. 

    Red Rose’s EP Offers 3 Tracks Full Of Feel Good Vibes

    Red Rose’s upcoming Feel Good Music EP only offers a sampling of three songs. Fortunately, every track offers a sense of feel good vibes that’ll have listeners in their feelings. According to a press release statement, Feel Good Music allows the Utah artist “to deliver dynamic and versatile songs that expound sonic boundaries and global boarders.” In other words, Rose’s EP and music can be summed up to universal love music. 

    Mainly, the first track “Feel Good” has the beat of a dance anthem that pays homage to the greats from the 80s and 70s. Additionally, her other two tracks “Possibilities” and “Rose Powers” stem from the 90s R&B era but with notes of romance. In particular, “Possibilities” offers a recognizable, mainstream beat that hints at a very intimate relationship. 

    While “Rose Powers” seemingly follows along the same lines in the beginning, it switches to more of an uplifting track about self-confidence. It even comes across as a female empowerment song. The verse lines, “the power is in you, in me/the power in what you speak and how you walk,” comes off as very empowering. Clearly, Red Rose’s Feel Good Music EP has it all; the dance anthem, love songs, and advice on confidence. 

    Red Rose Can Do It All


    Whoever said that R&B is a dying music genre, obviously hasn’t met the R&B singer Red Rose. Her stage name alone, even read’s like a true R&B female artist. Furthermore, the Utah artist, now residing in Chicago, proves that the music genre is still very much alive. 

    After all, she’s learned from the biggest and baddest soulful artist in the music industry. Music greats like Mary J. Blige, Maxwell, Smokey Robinson and even Lil Kim influenced her style. Clearly, R&B lives in this woman’s soul. Even during her school days, she pursued her musical aspirations through theater, singing in the choir and playing the piano. It’s no wonder Red Rose has so much talent. 

    Be sure to catch Red Rose’s Feel Good Music EP which dropped May 15th.   

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