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    Recap Of The 2022 NFL Play-Offs: Wild Card Games

    Breaking down 2022 NFL wildcard games

    Originally, we had 32 teams, equally divided between the two conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). But now we have only four. Not just in America, but around the globe, the National Football League is a major sports league. The eighteen-week season that began in early September is now over.

    Seven teams from each side, the four division winners, and three wild card teams have advanced to the play-off, the single-elimination tournament that will end with the climax, the Super Bowl, which will be held on Feb. 13. In the final tournament, we will have champions from each conference meeting to decide on the winner of the league. This is an event that everyone is looking forward to. Kate Richardson predicts a possible San Francisco 49ers meet with the Cincinnati Bengals.

    This is after San Francisco floored the defending champions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-27 in the NFL wild card games. Not many saw this coming; people had hoped for different American League wild card games where Tampa Bay Buccaneers proceed to defend their title. Kate Richardson rooted for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week and it was a successful bid. The online sports betting expert says this year may turn out to be hard but she is rooting for 49ers. By joining sports betting, you can also win money and receive welcome bonuses with FanDuel Betting Odds on the Super Bowl.

    The importance of NFL wild card games

    Questions have been asked on whether NFL wild card games are considered as playoff games as well as people wanting to know how many games is the MLB wild card series. To answer the questions on “how many wild card games in MLB” we need to answer the wild card playoff game where we say that they are considered part of the NFL playoff games. NFL wildcard games are the playoff games, that is between the teams that did not win the respective conference.

    Wilson NFL Trakified
    Wilson NFL Trakified American Football ball, on the field

    All the teams that participate in the wild card games can take part in the Super Bowl if they win their respective match-ups. The teams that participate in the wild card games normally have the best winning percentages in their respective conference.

    The picture is now clearer

    The greatest weekend has been witnessed as the world was treated to action-packed matches that pundits describe as having made history.

    “I bore witness to history being made, the NFL wild card games today were not only thrillers but also entered the record books as ones won with no time remaining in regulation,” said one pundit who also added that the divisional round matches were decided on an average margin victory that is lowest in the NFL playoff history.

    The wild card weekend lived up to its name with the division round being even more chaotic. The wild card games started with AFC and NFC number one seeds’ losses due to last-second field goals. The Cincinnati Bengals went on to eliminate the Super Bowl title holders Tennessee Titans followed by the San Francisco 49ers triumph over their arch-rivals Green Bay Packers.

    With the road to conference champion now clear, every participating team is looking forward to being a participant in the Super Bowl LVI. The first Sunday, January 30th game will see either the Cincinnati Bengals or Kansas City Chefs carrying the day.

    With favorites here being the Chiefs, will Cincinnati pull off an upsetting victory as they did on January 2? The second match will see the 49ers meet the Los Angeles Rams. 49ers are coming as the underdogs but as leading pundits have put it. They have no issues playing Los Angeles as the underdog. They have done this twice this season and the results are there for anyone to see. The 49ers won in their first meeting and also went ahead to upset the Rams in their second game on Jan. 9.

    Which way for NFT betting?

    NFL betting enthusiasts may have a hard time selecting the Super Bowl-winning team. In fact, two giants have shown lots of potential. A considerable number of predictions point out that the Chiefs may be the favorites. This position is highly contested by those who are rooting for the 49ers’ win. Four teams have gone past the NFL wild card games, namely:

    • The Kansas City Chiefs
    • San Francisco 49ers
    • Cincinnati Bengals
    • Los Angeles Rams

    All these giants have favorable odds to emerge the winners of the coveted title. To predict the winner or how the team will perform, you need to look at different aspects of the team including its performance in the recent games especially during the wild card games, the form in which the key players are in, and the general mood of the team. It will also help in looking at the team’s history, how it performed in the season as well as the results in the previous Super Bowl. It will also help in determining whether the team comes in as a favorite or an underdog.

    With the NFL wild-card games gone, now we are looking at the ultimate game, the Super Bowl; fans, bettors, and spectators cannot rest easy until they get the results. We are all waiting with bated breath.



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