Ray J Cashes The Fuck Out On A 7-Figure Deal for His Scooter Company

It’s time for Uber and Lyft to move on over, because Ray J isn’t far behind in their rearview.

Ray J is taking his tech company to new heights. It’s been reported that he’s sold his company, Scoot-E-Bike, to the Canadian company called LOOPshare. LOOPshare has snagged J’s company for a few big buckaroos. TMZ reports that the singer turned entrepreneur sold Scoot-E-Bike for somewhere in the 7-figure department.

But Ray doesn’t have to worry about watching LOOPshare take off without him, because he’s still involved in some aspects. Apparently, RJ will still have a voice when it comes how the products are marketed and sold in the future.

As it seems, there will be three types of bikes that’ll soon be offered to customers in search of an alternate method of transportation. There’s a “traditional sit-down model, a vespa style unit and stand alone scooter.” And though they aren’t ready just yet, soon they’ll start making appearances around select cities in both the United Stated and Canada.

It’s a big move for J, but one that he’s confident in. After all, the internet dubs him as the greatest sales person alive.” And why wouldn’t they? Ray J’s company, Raycon, is reportedly brining in close to $2-$3 million every month. So he has to be doing something right.

We’re guessing he’s putting his music career on the back bumper indefinitely…

Late last year Ray J took part in commenting on Offset’s cheating ways. He said that his one wish is that Cardi B & Offset get back together. From several media reports, that wish may have come true.

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