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    Raptor Fan Close To Attempted Rape Case For Wanting To F*ck Ayesha Curry?

    In the world of sports, things can get competitive to the point of no boundaries. However, in the last several years the disrespect has been coming directly from the fans. How about a Raptors fan saying he wants to f*ck Ayesha Curry.

    It’s no secret that Ayesha has been struggling with some insecurities issues. The chef and wife to Steph Curry candidly opened up about not getting attention from other men. For the most part, Ayesha believes that Steph is overshadowing her as one of the greatest shooters of all time in Steph.

    Raptors Fuck Ayesha Curry

    Furthermore, the Golden State Warriors are looking to do a three-peat in the NBA finals. The team has had a competitive edge in just about every category since signing Kevin Durant. Above all, it’s pretty safe to say that all eyes are currently on Steph Curry. What makes this final more historical is that this is the first time the Raptors have competed in an NBA Finals. Fans are showing plenty of excitement and coming out aggressively to steal the mental edge any possible way.

    A Raptors fans got on a little beside himself while on tv. The fan stating that he was going to “fck Ayesha Curry right in the pssy. It wasn’t long before Steph Curry and the Warriors reached out to the Toronto Police to investigate the matter at hand. Above all, it seems like Ayesha is getting plenty of attention these days regardless if it’s warranted or not. It is rumored that the fan’s comment could land him in jail for up to a year.

    In game 2 of the finals, the Warriors rallied back to win. After tieing the series, the two teams are traveling back to Oakland. Klay Thompson ended up sustaining an injury in game 2 with possibly missing game 3.

    Do you think the fan went too far with the Raptors Fuck Ayesha curry taunt? Should he serve jail time? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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