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    Rappers Respond To George Floyd’s Murder

    The Hip-Hop community is in outrage over George Floyd’s murder!

    Prominent members of the Hip-Hop community have spoken out demanding justice for George Floyds Murder. Diddy, Cardi B, Meek Mill are just some of the names of Artist who spoke out.

    Diddy initially shared a photo of George Floyd’s name with prayers hands. However, he followed that up with the footage of the gruesome murder with the caption.


    Cardi B message was of the same sentiment echoing Diddy in using the hashtag #EnoughisEnough.

    Meek took another right with a simple bar as his caption to show he was feeling!
    As Minnesota deals with the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, the world is left with a significant question. Where do we go from here? Because we have been here so many times before. It’s like we are stuck in a time-loop when it comes to dealing with police and the murder of Black people. Rappers have expressed outrage, protested, etc. every time, and yet here we are. Not to call the rappers out, but they play such an integral role to influence in this country they have to be held accountable.

    Lil Wayne made a controversial remark while on a Live Stream with Fat Joe. While discussing the Floyd situation, Wayne said: “And if we want to place the blame on anybody, it should be ourselves for not doing more than what we think we’re doing.”

    I’m not exactly sure who Lil Wayne was referring to in that statement, but if he is talking himself and his peers, I agree 100%. Until rappers stop glorifying a life that perpetuates a cycle of violence, crime, and poverty, their efforts are null. As the assigned “leaders” of the black community, they should represent and lead the people in the right direction.

    There are plenty of rappers who deserve acknowledgment for all the work they do, but for most, their actions don’t match their words. Everyone has measures they should hold themselves and others accountable for. The people responsible for the death of innocent black people should be held accountable. Those who uphold a corrupt system that disproportionately incriminates, and abuses black and brown people have an account as well. As do the black and brown people who glorify the life they escaped and watch as spectators when they now have influence.

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments about the hip-hop communities’ response to George Floyd’s death.


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